Missives from Israel

I have a Facebook friend in Israel who does not want to be identified; I still want to share his story. If you know X, please do not say so.


I’m not seeing much of anything, thankfully. I don’t imagine I will, but as someone said to me today, you don’t plan to enter a war, it’s a force that sucks in everything around it. Haifa itself is calm, but people are worried about what might happen next in the south. Army reserves have been called up. Lots of them, more than in the past two wars combined. Most people in my circles are quite cynical about the fact that the timing of the escalation comes just before an election. Political tensions are running higher than usual. There was a moment of silence in protest of the escalation organized by Arab students on the University of Haifa campus, and it was quickly denounced as being in support of Hamas, even though that’s quite a different thing, and most Israeli Arabs aren’t Hamas supporters at all. If I understood a post from today on my Facebook page correctly, the University now requires permits for gatherings on campus grounds, although (if that’s actually true) I’m not sure how it’ll be enforced.

It’s been reported that the police will ‘make a sweep’ looking for illegal Arab residents of Israel tomorrow. I hope none of that will happen in my neighborhood, which is about 1/2 Arab. (It’s one of just a few neighborhoods in the entire country that has a genuine ethnic mixture…) Given that, though, I would expect guess if they do decide to invade Gaza on the ground, it would be sometime shortly after they finish their sweep, maybe tomorrow night or Monday morning…

What other kinds of things do you want to know?

Feel free to share this, but for now, anyway, I’d prefer if you didn’t attach my name to any of it.

Best wishes,


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