Advice Column Thursday: Caffeine Edition

Hey advice lady, I had a long night of not a lot of sleep, and now I’m fighting the sleep demon. I can’t do coffee this late in the day and going out to my car to nap is not an option…I need to know how to stay awake during a particularly tedious day.



My preferred method is coffee in the morning and diet soda throughout the day. In fact, the housekeepers at Marylhurst thought I had a “drinking problem” because of the amount of cans they removed from my office. But at the same time, I choose to keep a low, steady amount of caffeine in my blood rather than one of those MEGA Gargle Blasters with 500mg of caffeine in each sip… with Taurine. It’s simple. Don’t let the bus go below fifty, and it won’t explode.

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