What’s the Point?

I get comments all the time that my writing is full of pain, it’s heavy, etc. My reaction is always this: if it’s too heavy for you, don’t read it. I’m not here to please anyone. I am here to rescue myself through my own writing. Your response is not my responsibility. I care about you as an audience- you are the body of people that put shoe leather in our writer/reader relationship. When I post, you show up in droves. At the same time, though, I cannot engineer what I write to suit any one of you, much less all of you at once.

I find that I can be a better human being if I know how and why I’m thinking about, well, everything. I am so intentional about the energy that I put into the world that if it has to be negative, I want to balance it. When you come here, you’ll see lots of funny as well. It’s just that those posts don’t necessarily show up on the same day. If you want something that’s not quite so heavy, send me an e-mail with a writing prompt. If I can work it, I’ll post it. I don’t mean for my writing to be a bummer. Quite the opposite. I want my writing to reflect my pain so that I don’t have to carry it around with me. It’s all in here for safekeeping should I ever want to look back, but in a sense, once it’s recorded here, it’s gone. I have told that story, I do not have to tell it again.

And then for that day, I have no burdens at all.

4 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. I’d also like every day to be sunny and mild, all news to be good and nations around the world to be a peace. When the world changes those things, I’ll pressure you to change your writing. Until then, write what you feel. My own blog moves from woodworking to opinion to rants and nostalgia. I write what I’m thinking about, what I’m doing and sonmetimes, what I remember. Readership varies, but I usually like what I wrote, so…


  2. Writing what you feel is the only solution to anything. And it’s amazing how people respond to you once you speak with the authority of truth on your side. It makes you at least sound like you know what you’re doing. 😉


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