Advice Column Thursday: The Dog Edition

Dear Leslie,

I live in a small 2 bedroom house with hardwood floors. I have my bedroom as well as an animal room for my chinchillas, 3 resident dogs (a pitbull, a pit-lab x, and a deaf and blind blue heeler). I also have 1-3 foster dogs of varying breeds living with me at any given time as I run/work with a dog rescue. Giving up having the dogs around is well beyond out of the question as rescuing is a part of me. No matter how much I sweep, mop and clean, 30 seconds after I’m done it looks as though I haven’t cleaned in weeks. Beyond the hair/ dust on the floor I’m concerned about allergens that are certainly floating around in the air. I’m thinking of maybe starting to see this guy who so far is awesome but has pretty severe allergies- though I don’t know how allergic he is to dogs. How can I keep my house clean enough that I can feel comfortable to invite him over to hang out with out worrying that he’ll go into anaphylactic shock?


First of all, if you’re coming to me for cleaning advice, you must really be desperate. The best thing that you can do is just clean when you can. If your guy can’t fit into that, then maybe he’s not worth putting the effort into when it comes into the long-term. People will be able to look at your life, dogs and all, and realize that there is no taking you away from it. It is a 24/7 operation. If anyone wants to take you away from the dogs because it makes your house messy, that’s the time to stand up and say, “thanks for playing.”

If your guy truly is allergic, that’s his problem. I suggest an antihistamine every day, because you can’t use Zyrtec/Claritin/Allegra for spot treatment. It takes about six weeks for the histamine blockers to get to maximum efficacy.

Yes, my stepmom is a doctor. Yes, I really do talk like that.


The AntiLeslie

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