What I Have Figured Out About the Christian Right

The Christian Right abuses gay children. It absolutely does. It instills in them, from the time that they are very small, guilt for committing an adult sin. The Christian Right makes gay children walk around feeling bad about the sins they’re going to commit as adults while they’re still children. Straight children are applauded on figuring out who they are, while gay children are told to repress, repress, repress. Sexual thoughts are relentless when you’re a teen, so basically, the Christian Right takes each of those beautiful, natural moments of young desire and turns them into a tattoo gun that constantly inks the word “sinner” right across a child’s soul.

The thing is, I grew up as a Methodist preacher’s kid in Northeast Texas. When I was 12, we moved to Houston. The culture shock was great, but it had nothing to do with my father’s ministry. It wasn’t his churches that weren’t welcoming. It was the other churches around me that created monsters that I had to live with at school.

The Christian Right abuses gay children by teaching straight children that gay children are bad. While you think you’re just teaching them what God believes, your little fuckers are stuffing children into lockers or bullying them on the internet. The Christian Right hides behind an amazing amount of hypocrisy, because they will not directly accept accountability for creating the idea that gay people are lesser than and therefore okay to blatantly use and abuse.

But the main point I’m making here is that you’re asking children to take on responsibility for sins they will commit, and are then afraid to commit them, because your sin structure needs some cleaning up and you refuse to do it. Myths are explained by science and culture evolves. Something else becomes a myth because this one’s done.

But how do you get someone who believes the world was created in six days to comprehend the vastness of the universe? It is mind-boggling to even try. So I don’t.

I just remind them that every day their gay sons and daughters live in their houses, they die a little bit inside. I also remind them that it is super-weird to over-focus on one of your kid’s sex lives because it’s going to be different than your others. My parents didn’t do this to me, but I saw a lot of friends go through a lot of unspeakable brutality due to this very thing.

I got used to hearing stories about fathers and sons raping their lesbian daughters/sisters, trying to get her to change. While sexual abuse does happen to boys, I didn’t have very many male friends who were willing to talk about it. One in four American women is sexually molested; I think women have a more tacit approval to discuss these things. I got my statistic from The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2001. I am sure that it is much, much higher by now.

So in addition to being nervous about having lesbian sex with her loving partner in the future, there are baby lesbians being raped by their brothers and fathers right now.

The Christian Right abuses gay children. I cannot say it enough.

1 thought on “What I Have Figured Out About the Christian Right

  1. Dan Kovaly

    Amen! As a minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) I spent my first three weeks in my current church studying open and affirming case studies and in honest dialogue with my congregation about the classical “Christian” stance and the hateful, counter-Christian message of the far religious right in regards to our gay brothers and sisters. It was frightening and I was honestly concerned that I would be ran out of my small country church in the Hi Plains of Texas. My anxiety was was nothing compared to the anxiety brought on by the conservative facet of Christianity towards the LGBTIQ community. In our discussions there was disagreement but the one thing we found common ground on was that we wanted to be a faith community that was safe, healthy, and welcoming to all God’s children. Last week the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) held it’s General Assembly and on the docket was a resolution that called us to affirm the spiritual gifts, baptisms, and humanity of the LGBTIQ community. It passed. Thank God. I hope this comment gives hope to those that have been marginalized and even worse by the so called “Christian” right. There are faith communities that recognize the destruction and evil stance some “Christians” have perpetuated and honestly repent, pray for, and seek out restoration of all God’s people to God and one another. Thanks for the wonderful blog posts, I’m a big fan, a friend, and ally.
    Rev. Daniel H. Kovaly
    Minister, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Spearman Texas.



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