Our flight isn’t until 12:10, but I can’t sleep. The day is swirling around like a Kaleidoscope with one broken spoke… that underlying tension that everyone sees but doesn’t acknowledge. For every family, that’s a different thing. In our case, it’s that I’ve lived in Houston before and Dana hasn’t. I know all the good things that await us, and she does not. It’s going to take more time for her to become adjusted to living in Houston in the first place.

And as she sleeps, all I want is the assurance of her happiness, but there is none. All I can do is pray for her and the path that she’s on to complete herself. What Dana wants is what I will give her, because there has never been anything that I needed where Dana has said no. Turnabout is fair play. She gave me the world. Now I hope it’s my turn.

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