One of my friends was just diagnosed with cancer. I’m not close to him, but his husband is my choir director. Any time anyone gets cancer, it is an absolute garbage dump of a situation for everyone involved, but there are so many people praying for him that it’s incredible. He’s the choir director for the largest Methodist church on Galveston, and I am sure that his choir is just as distraught as ours. I wrote to my choir director and told him that since I work overnight, I’d be happy to help him with whatever he needs. I just hope he knows I mean it and will reach out. The hardest part of really needing help is not wanting to ask.

I haven’t really had much time to think the past few days, so it’s not like I have a treasure trove of things to say. I should mention, though, that An Open Letter to Gay Men is going to be read on “After Hours” Sunday morning, because Jimmy Carper, the longtime host, passed away recently. It’s a gift to be read, and I hope people enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing.

I slept almost ten hours today, after spending the first part of the week unable to sleep very much at all. As a result, I feel much better today. I’ve had some caffeine, and now it just feels like a regular workday. I don’t think I’m getting used to it, per se, but at the same time, it’s nice to forget, even for a few minutes, that it’s actually 2:19 AM.

I’m listing to Aquarium by Aqua. My friend Drew introduced me to Aqua, because I’d heard Barbie Girl and nothing else. Happy Boys and Happy Girls, along with Doctor Jones, are my favorite tracks. In fact, Drew and I always add a Doctor Who twist. Doctor Jones and Martha Jones are interchangeable, because Martha Jones is actually a doctor. Wait. Who am I kidding? I could listen to that whole album on repeat. It just makes me laugh, and I can always use a laugh. While the music is playing, I am back at Biddy McGraw’s, dancing around the kitchen with Drew, who was the type of boss that insisted on dance breaks. If you don’t have that boss, man, it sucks to be you.

It’s my Friday, and I have no idea what Dana and I are doing this weekend. If the weather is good, I want to cook outside. It’s been nasty weather lately, as is per normal for winter on the Gulf Coast. There are patches of sunshine, but at the same time, absolute toad-strangler storms that cause flash flooding. Alternatively, we’ve also had some really hot weather for February. Like, the kind of weather that you pray for in Portland. If there is a number one reason why I’m glad I’m not in Portland, it’s that I haven’t had to dig my car out of the snow, I haven’t had grey skies every day, and I’m not constantly cold because my clothes are wet.

Technically, that’s three reasons. I just want to assure my friends there that living without them is hard. Living without the weather is not.

I also must say for the record that the food is better here, and you will do nothing to convince me otherwise.

And on that note, I must be off.

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