My life feels so good right now in a “better than sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll” kind of way. I am elated that Dana and I get a chance to be a part of Wi-phi’s life on such a significant scale. I am overjoyed to have a great job 15 minutes from my house so that I never get caught in traffic, ever, even during rush time. It is mind-blowing to me that I can come home for lunch every day, and take a real break from the cacophony that is my office.

I have the life that makes me want to do more,  be more, accomplish more. It’s a new beginning, because I’m not afraid to engage anymore. I can stand toe to toe with everyone I meet, because I had the realization that I had so many gifts in terms of taking care of people and I was using them on everyone but me…. so they were working…. on everyone but me.

It’s another thing my father taught me. When you live with a pastor, you watch them interact with people every single day, and it teaches you to move in the world with compassion if you let it. I learned the very definition of soft power, particularly after I read a great book called Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership. It was then that I was able to put together the types of social interaction I’d watched my whole life. Soft power has a way of encouraging people to be who they need to be to get things done, rather than berating them into productivity. I’ve extrapolated that into every area of my life. I try to build up relationships instead of tearing them down.

I try.

I am incredibly human, after all, and I make mistakes all the time. The difference is that now my interactions with myself are building me up, as well. I treat myself with kindness and inspire myself to be better than I thought I could be. It’s uplifting for all of that power and care is coming from me, to me. Light is radiating from the inside.

I am now a sun after spending so much of my life as a moon. Moons are beautiful, intensely so… but if the sun turns, how well do they fare wandering in the dark? They’re there… will always be there… but invisible to the naked eye.

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