The Baby

It is so hard to go to work this morning, when what I really want to do is drive over to Wi-phi’s house and smell his hair. Seriously, that could be the end of the post right there. It’s a mixture of baby shampoo and little boy that lingers in my nose long after I’ve left him.

He’s just turned one, so he’s changing every single day and what I’ve noticed is that I don’t have to do anything with him. He’s an explorer in his own right. He doesn’t want help with anything unless he’s in over his head, and even then, he only wants help with what he can’t manage. Heaven forbid if I step in a moment too soon.I have learned a lot about myself in those moments. I am much more patient than I’ve ever been with anyone. Of course he can do it himself! Of course he can! All I have to do is wait. He doesn’t run on my time clock. What I’ve missed in the past is that overwhelming sense of patience needed to let a toddler put on his own shoes, feed himself, etc.On Monday, he took a huge box of blocks and dumped them onto the floor. In that moment, I taught him how to sit there and hand me his blocks so that “we” could clean up his room and IT WORKED.It is so much fun learning that Wi-Phi is his own man already. In fact, now that we’ve conquered pear yogurt, I think we’re ready to take over the world.

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