Our Song

I lost one of my best friends this week. Dana says this is our song, because EVERY WORD hits like a ton of bricks.

She was right. It completely kicked my ass into next week, and I sobbed like a baby all the way through it.

All I can do now is breathe, and pray on the spaces……………………………………

I am editing this post to say that the song *I* think of as “our song” says exactly the same thing, but it is more my style musically.

2 thoughts on “Our Song

    1. Thank you so much! I cannot express how grateful I am to hear your words. Just one thing, though. Dana is not the one I had the fight with- she’s my wife. She took this “breakup” almost as hard as I did because it’s hard for anyone’s partner to watch the other in pain.

      The thing about this relationship that I will take with me is not the fight that blew us apart, but the miracle that occurred when she found me. I cannot ever take comfort in causing her pain, but I can look at the relationship from the tender to the terrible, own what I did wrong, and hope that with time, her pain will ease and she will be able to see how much she means to me.

      If not, I choose light. I choose to remember her sunshine. I choose to remember love.

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