A Birthday Message

Dana was not a fan of The West Wing when it was on originally, so she’s been absolutely binging it on Netflix. A few nights ago, we saw the one where Leo gives Sam the task of writing a birthday message for the assistant Transportation Secretary so that he is tidily unavailable to go to a Chinese opera with Leo’s very attractive daughter, Mallory. It reminded me of a birthday message I sent last year on this day:

How can I possibly give enough thanks for the day you were born? There is no one that has been able to reach me with such ease. There has been no one that has given me more confidence in the person I will become. You have become such an important part of my life, because you believe in me. Blessings for this and every trip around the sun.

Now I am compelled to do better than that, and I want to nail it. I want to have the excitement that Sam and Toby got when they realized that nailing this minor message would redeem all the crap they felt they’d been putting out. It wasn’t bad, just uninspired. It wasn’t the best they could do. So they take this job that a bike messenger could have done and proceed to write until the stars align.

From there, my mind went on a meandering path. What would I write if I could reach that far up? What would I write if my words could reach the White House? What would I say if POTUS gave me the task of writing a birthday message for him?

It is a little known secret that in politics, the only friend you have is a dog. I thought that was true until I met you. The way you save me from myself with your advice and counsel is something that will live in my memory longer than the silly job I have right now.

Thanks for having my back, and for being a whole hell of a lot smarter than I am.

You make this look good.

I couldn’t resist a “Men in Black” reference, because of course Barack Obama sounds like Will Smith in my head. Of course he does. Everyone in America, including his wife, knows that Will Smith will play President Obama in an epic military operation so that he can be Barack Obama,β„’ Professional Superhero in Chief. What no one knows is that I’ll probably write the screenplay, because I totally nailed that birthday message.

Just like Sam and Toby.

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