The Waiting Room

It’s Christmas Eve.

We’re all sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the baby, and we’ve been notified that Jesus is starting to stir. It won’t be long now. We’re not to 10cm, but we will be shortly, and all there is to do is pray.

Most merciful, loving God
We pray that you send your Holy Spirit to descend upon Mary to quiet her fears about the enormity of her task. We ask that you stand in her and around her, to reassure her of your grace. We ask that you remind her that you are where she leans, O God. You are the part of her that tells her she is right and good…. that she can do this…. that nothing is impossible through the God that strengthens her.

We ask that light is passed on to us, O God.

We ask that when we feel the most afraid of what’s about to happen, that we can lean into your grace the same way Mary did all those years ago.

Waiting for the baby.
Watching for the signs.
Praying on the spaces.


Any minute now, Luke is going to burst into the waiting room with tidings of joy. We’ll hear all about it. For now, though, we’re all still. There’s a bit of a conversation buzzing around the room, but for the most part, there is just an excited expectation that renders us all quiet. We don’t know what to say to each other, because we know that a baby is being born, and that there are great expectations for who he is to become. Will we see those things immediately?

In our modern world, it is hard to separate what’s there, and WHAT WE SEE.

We are all extraordinary people in our own ways, but the birth of the Christ child in ourselves is when we realize it.

What do people know about you that you can’t see? What has been foretold of your greatness? What kind of belief will it take to get you to see your own intrinsic value to the world?

Jesus was sent to save the world from itself……. what are you here to do?

You may say, “well, I’m just a baker. I don’t have anything.”

One of the most frequent ways I see Christ is in the baking of bread, because the one who makes it sends the bread along with the story of how it got made and all the love that went into the labor.

Civilizations have fallen over the idea of, “Well, I’m just a ________. I don’t have anything.” This is because civilizations don’t change with people saying what they don’t have. Civilizations change because everyone pools their resources to create something better than themselves…. which is exactly what Jesus was sent to do, as well. The amazing thing is that he wasn’t given anything you or I don’t have right now.

But through his ministry, he assured the people he was leading of two things. The first is that he was the real deal. The second is that he wasn’t afraid of it. He would do what was expected of him, and I’m not even talking about the crucifixion. I’m talking about the way he lived his life.

Matthew spends his time trying to justify that Jesus was from the House of David and that the Jews were redeemed. Jesus spends most of his time trying to say that his ministry is not just for Jews, that he is open to Gentiles as well. He was sent to tear down the walls between Jews in covenant with God and everyone else…. which he did, beautifully. However, HE NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT had he not believed in himself, first. He would have limited himself in so many ways had he not had the courage to lay out his own beliefs and know that people would follow them. His words were so powerful that he could speak in a whisper and the message would still get relayed hundreds of miles.

If there is a message that comes down at Christmas every year, it’s that belief in the story allows us to have more belief in our own abilities. When Jesus believed in himself, it literally turned the power structure of his society on its ear. That is the take-home message. If Jesus can do all he did with what he had, what is stopping me?

If you are still trying to figure out what’s stopping you, take heart. It does not mean that you are behind. It means that for you, the Christ child hasn’t arrived yet.

Keep watching…. the night is early, yet.

Waiting for the baby.
Watching for the signs.
Praying on the spaces……………………………..

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