My Shoulder

I had to call in sick to work last night, which should never happen, ever, but these were extenuating circumstances. Both the bursitis and the myofascial tissue in my shoulder/back were inflamed to the point that it hurt to inhale and I was stuck in my office for quite a long time, literally unable to move. I called the doc and she said “all I can really do for it is shoot it.” So off Dana and I went to get me a sub-ac and some trigger point injections. I feel better today, and can inhale without my shoulder spasming. I have the day off today, so I’ll be ready for the weekend. I just need to do some appropriate stretches because when I favor the injury, it pinches off even more. I am in so much pain that tears have come several times…. but it’s welcoming, cooling. I’m not crying because anything is emotionally wrong, it just is what it is. Crying is not a sign of weakness, just an acceptance that I’m in pain and after the injections and Advil, I’m still in pain.

I have taken something, which has restored my ability to complain.

In my family, this conversation has happened approximately 14,0000 times:

McLanemy Kid: My ____ hurts.
Doc: Have you taken anything for it?
McLK: No
Doc: Has it kicked in yet? Well, I guess you can’t get tachyphylaxis from nothing.

Tachyphylaxis is a medical term describing an acute decrease in the response to a drug after its administration, therefore it is like a joke, except jokes are funny. We’ve got a million of ’em. Welcome to the McLanemy Family, where our motto is “take a dumb joke and run it into the ground. If it’s funny once, it is funny a thousand times.”


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