My Very Busy Schedule

I fell asleep early last night, I think because my eyes are still getting used to my glasses. My body is struggling and just needs rest so bad. Dana realized yesterday that I should “propose” to Dr. Doan like I did to Argo………. get down on one knee and say the words I hope she’s always longed to hear………… “Will you write a book with me?” Dana’s point was valid. You should get Dr. Doan to contribute to “Staring at Myself,” the title of my autobiography. I hope you don’t think it’s strange that I’m planning an autobiography at 37, but it really isn’t as self-serving as it comes across. The book is not about me as a person. It is about me as a case study for all eye doctors, regardless of degree……. and lay people that also have the same complicated quirks with their vision. Human interest feeds CME feeds human interest. Part JAMA article, part autobiography, which is why it thrills me that Dana thought of asking Dr. Doan to collaborate first. She’s a Vietnamese marathon runner, as heartbreakingly gorgeous as Sandra Oh. Yes, I realize that Sandra Oh is Korean. At the moment, though, she is just the most gorgeous Asian actress I could think of off the top of my head (and then I realized that I don’t think of other Asian actresses at all….. not because they don’t exist. Because I’m not a cheater. Wait. Yes, I am. Aishwarya Rai…… you have my number…… why won’t you call me back?). I feel ok publishing that I think she’s beautiful. She said my dad was handsome. I agree with her wholeheartedly, because I look like him. To me, he is the most beautiful man on God’s green earth because I am his flesh. To feel beautiful is to call him beautiful in the same breath.

Argo reads paragraphs that jump like this and says things like, “your mind fascinates me.” It is my life’s work to keep it up.


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