Fanagans Activate

What has my writing meant to you? Why do I get so many readers. Please comment. Please talk. It would mean the world to me because your stories of how I’ve moved you move me. This entry is not about me. It’s about you and what I’ve meant to you over the years. Dana is the love of my life and I am crawling on the ground trying to pick up the pieces. Give me the support I need to make it through this time in my life, because if you are a writer, I will gladly tell you the lines that have stayed with me. My writing goes into rareified air every time you comment. I’ve been read by Margaret Cho and Martina Navratilova, but they are not special to me because of their fame. They are special to me because of their talent. One of the best tennis players and one of the best thinkers in America both looked at something I wrote and pronounced it awesome.

They talked right when I needed them, and I’m asking the same of you. When I pour my heart into yours, what stays?


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