10995592_10153109616505272_1874626757795171162_nMy hair is a little bit Harry Potter-ish. It grows in every direction. Better to keep it short. Thankfully, it doesn’t look half bad. 🙂 A new haircut really helps when you are going through the motions a little bit. It’s hard to engage, because everything is just so SAD. My heart has been through the ringer on two fronts, even when it didn’t have to be. I made it happen. I was in a bad place. I needed someone else to talk to besides Dana, and I got it. It is just unfortunate that once those conversations started, I didn’t stop them. I tried. I really did. But the more I ran away, the more I felt guilty, because I knew that I was compounding the problem instead of solving it. It didn’t get me any closer to Argo to argue with Dana. It didn’t get me any closer to the bff/wife/me triangle that seemed like it was going to take and slowly faded into madness for all of us.

it was just one of those days where i didn’t want to feel sad. I wanted to take control of my mood and do something that made me feel better… like going to the grocery store and buying the things I like. For instance, now I have four boxes of tea, all loaded with caffeine. It is not PG Tips, it was on sale. Please forgive me. I know what I’ve done, and I repent.

I also bought cookies, apricot, to go with said tea.

I bought all the processed sandwich stuff I like that Dana doesn’t. I’m the odd duck that likes the loaves. I got ham and cheese loaf, pickle and pimento loaf, and olive loaf. I am pretty sure you couldn’t pay most people to eat that shit, but OMG NOM NOM NOM.

And an artificial sandwich isn’t complete without Velveeta.

Portland, don’t give me shit about organic right now. I am not taking in many calories, so I have to shop based on what looks good to me rather than trying to balance meals, because meals do not happen. I am not that kind of eater. I’m the bird that will steal from your plate, instead. 🙂


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