Lebanese and Loving It

Apparently I have moved in with a large Middle Eastern family, and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s why…. Hayat was born and raised in Lebanon, therefore, she is the goddess of the house when it comes to Lebanese food. Dom is an executive chef that works for one of Jose Andres’ restaurants. We shot the shit immediately. He went to Tapalaya and ate Anh Lu’s food. Not while I was working there, but still. It counts. 🙂

We have five dogs, but it’s a multi-family home so they’re not crowding us out. One of the dogs is a tiny Pom that looks like a Tribble. I wanted a house with a dog, and I have one for each weekday. Because sometimes you need a Lab. I do. I like to hike. I am not carrying a little Pommie bitch all over creation. But then again, given that I have often said that I am a rat dog personality, perhaps it is me that is the little Pommie bitch. Time will tell. I felt like a little Pommie bitch today when I accidentally got on the blue line and rode out to Braddock and turned around. I called Dana immediately to tell her that the first time I got on the Metro, I went the wrong way, because Dana appreciates things like this. I also told her that I was B19 boarding this morning, because that type shit makes her weirdly happy.

I met a woman on the Metro that was in town for an anesthesiology conference, and we hit it off immediately in a friend-type way. I told her that I would rather tell people I was a serial killer than a doctor on a train or plane just because with serial killer, there are generally very few follow up questions (Do you get dental with that?). When you say you’re a doctor, people start showing you stuff.


So she does the classic doctor thing and says, “Doctor, it hurts when I do that!” and bends her finger. “Well,” we said together in unison, same tone of voice, “DON’T DO THAT.” We both dissolved into giggles and I could tell that she really wanted to invite me for drinks in that “you’re my new best friend and my daughter can’t pick me up for a couple of hours” kind of way. It was nice to make a connection on the train to my new house, because in that moment everything came together and I realized that I could rest and relax. I was home. However, I did not go for drinks with said doctor, because I was really bagged and just wanted to get home. Hayat came to pick me up at Silver Spring Station, and I looked all over as we drove home. Guys, it looks like Portland up in this bitch.


I laughed to Hayat that I’d only been here for a half hour and already I’m like, “the Maryland side is BETTER.” Plus, there’s a Washington Redskins coffee table next to my bed that would make Dana have an aneurysm.

It’s only 7:00, but I did not sleep well last night. I only got a couple hours because I was so excited. I was such a zombie that my dad is going to Fedex my glasses………….

That’s all you get for today. It’s the teaser trailer. I gotta check this mother out before you get any more.


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