One of my Fanagans, and I’m not sure which but I have a good lead, sent me a package through Amazon. It contained Girl Scout Cookie Nestle Crunch in Thin Mint, Samoa, and Peanut Butter, 12 Packages of Happy Cola, and two large packages of Walker’s Shortbread. I now have diabetes. However, it is one of the sweetest things that anyone has sent me (literally), because they have no idea how much walking they’ve saved me to get those precious Happy Cola in the first place. Last time, it was almost five miles, and I am not kidding.

And as for shortbread and Girl Scout cookies, they’ve obviously been reading closely.

It’s like I’m their Lamb today, and it feels amazing. When I put good out into the world, I get it back. There’s a sweetness and light to it that I have only found by crawling into myself and getting to know her. She’s amazing when she wants to be. For instance, yesterday, I felt like I truly saw Argo, really saw her without any of my own perceptions and wanted to do something nice for her without any expectation in return. Today, someone did the same thing for me- there wasn’t even a return address on the package. However, when I figure it out, there will be great surprises. 🙂

The best part is that even though I have enough candy to feed myself into a diabetic coma, I have cheerios and oatmeal downstairs. Well, the oatmeal is in brownie Cliff’s Bars, but that counts, right?

I eat so well.


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