A Bio of Me

I am joining the church next Sunday, and they’ve asked me to write a short bio of myself for the bulletin. One thing I will NOT put in is that I use TextWeek for sermon prep, so I have been following Matt Braddock at Dry Bones Arise for YEARS without knowing it was him. You’d think I would have read the “about me” section, and yet not. I am drooling fangirl impressed over him, and it was like meeting Oprah or Matt Damon when I realized I’d just walked into the church of someone I already knew in text, but had never met on the ground. Speaking of Matt, he told me that I made a good impression on the youth pastor search committee, and he’d be willing to ask the woman that got the job to mentor me if I’d like so that I had more experience to put on my resume. So, this man I’ve been reading for years now wants me to talk about next steps in terms of working with youth, ordination, etc. Can you look into my heart and see how much it means to me? I am flabbergasted. Simply shocked beyond all measure.

Drooling. Fangirl. I try not to show it, but OMG. I walked into the church and HE wants to help ME.

That’s a God moment right there if ever I’ve seen it.

So, here’s my bio. I hope it works. We’ll see once it’s printed.

Leslie Lanagan is a native Texan and preacher’s kid, which is code for having lived in lots of places across the state. She settled in Houston from the age of 12, with detours in both Portland, Oregon and Alexandria, Virginia. She comes to us with the dream of being a DC-based writer and theologian. She has applied at Howard University to eventually earn a Masters of Divinity and later start a church of her own, tentatively named “St. James and All Sinners.” She is looking forward to volunteering with the youth group, singing in the choir, and drinking as much coffee after worship as possible. When she is not delving into theology, she is fond of going to the zoo and all of the other Smithsonian museums to gather inspiration.


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