I Cannot Move

I think this is the title of every Thanksgiving blog post ever, but it’s true. I have eaten my weight in dolmas, hummus, turkey, you name it. Lebanese Thanksgiving is just like regular Thanksgiving except there are two completely different tables of food. One has all the traditional stuff, and the other is everything you order when you go out to a Middle Eastern restaurant except it tastes better.

Hayat told the story of coming home from vacation and finding out that they had sixteen hamsters instead of just two. The store had assured them that the hamsters were both female.


So, Hayat calls the store and the store says to bring them back, they’ll sell them. When she gets there, the manager tells her “well, you didn’t call today!” Hayat says, “you have two choices. Either I hand you this box of hamsters or I set them loose in the store.” Everyone was in tears, and I said, “that story is not funny because of the hamsters. That story is funny because I know just how much you meant it.” A year or two later, they started the remodel on the house to make it multi-family, and a small Samantha says, “oh… hey… there’s Sunshine.”

It feels funny not doing any cooking this year. I miss it, but not that much. It was nice to be provided for in this little cocoon I have made, this family that loves me so much that when I told Mike I’d gotten a job, he yelled, “HAYAT! TIME TO GO UP ON THE RENT!”


I hope your Thanksgiving was as good as mine. It probably won’t be, though. 😛


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