The Tree

So, one year Dana and I are decorating the Christmas tree and in order to honor both of our family traditions, we put both kinds of lights on the tree. Dana grew up with the red, blue, green, and yellow lights. Our family was all white, all the time.

So we’re standing there admiring the tree and our handiwork when Dana says, “the whites look so pretty next to the coloreds.” It doesn’t take five seconds before I am quietly shaking with laughter, tears and snot coming down my face. I can clearly tell that Dana has no idea why I’m laughing. When it dawns on her, she just says, “Wait.” It was an unintentional slip, and now so famous it gets told every year. Putting it here in the repository so I don’t forget it.

I literally slumped to the floor, not making a sound but rocking back and forth as not to laugh so loud the neighbors will think a cat is being strangled.

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