Reaching Out

Yesterday I had a meeting with the CEO to discuss possible social media outreach projects, and it went well. He told me that they’d never had anyone on board truly capable of crafting words. It was a compliment of gargantuan proportions, and I am taking it for all its worth….. which is enormous. At the same time, I am converting databases from one format to another, and having fun with it. Some of it is coding, and some of it is a drag-and-drop interface similar to Access, where you can create joins using a visual relationship.

A join is basically being able to make one report with input from multiple tables…. for instance, what if the name, date, address, etc. is in one table, and what they bought is in another? It’s a lot of fun, both using the software and learning to code, which for me, is nothing more than doing something like learning Spanish. It’s a language, with its own syntax, punctuation, etc…. without the necessity to conjugate verbs. 😛

I’m taking my writing time now because I got to the office before everyone else. I made coffee despite the fact that I picked up a short cappucino on the way over. A little more coffee on Friday morning never hurt anybody. Oh, and right now “Ugly Sweater” cookies are 40% off, so I grabbed two of those. For the uninitiated, they are gingerbread with icing (the kind where the cookie is baked hard and crispy), one of my favorite cookies in the entire world. It was a weird trip in, and having coffee and sugar before I got on the train helped immensely.

I was so out of it that there were people sitting next to me on the Metro wearing these knee length wool coats- one on the red line, and one on the orange. I briefly thought about asking if I could lean on them…. and then I thought, “nah. That’s creepy.” I wish I had a friend with my same commute, one that that would let me lean into his/her coat and sleep until I change trains. Maybe I do. I should send out an office memorandum. “Does anybody ride to Silver Spring who doesn’t mind me leaning into them for warmth?” It would be the weirdest office memo on record, but hopefully some “weirdmaste” would come back my way.

Because I can be weird, please know that I’m joking. My office memos are a grand total of “thanks for letting me know” and “I’ll be there.” I haven’t gotten into the meat and potatoes of creating the company blog, but the first step is to get a static IP at our office for one of the servers and run the web site from here. I know more about WordPress than anyone in the office, having set it up on my own servers and played around with it since it was in beta. We’ve got a ton of old desktops lying around that would make excellent web servers, whether we were running IIS or Apache. My preference would be to set up a Linux box and run Apache because it’s open source, but we’re a Microsoft shop, so I’ll do whatever they need. I have experience in both. Using a content management system like WordPress with its infinite scalability and plugins make life so much easier. is where you can set up a blog for free. The link I posted is to, where you can download the software and put it on your own server. It’s literally a one minute install if you have the necessary dependencies in place first.

I’m advocating for it, because I believe every person and every business should get a web site. You don’t have to turn it into a blog, like I do. You can put up all sorts of stuff, like photo galleries, video galleries, etc. Plus, the WordPress community is awesome. I’ve gotten a lot of support from people finding my blog in the directory, and there’s nothing better than getting likes from other writers.

The thing that’s the most important, though, is that a web site is like a tattoo. Everything you say is for posterity. Future generations will be able to know us, which is much more fun than mere genealogical records. For instance, even if I don’t have kids, Wi-Phi’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will still know who I am…. and not in a surface way.

They’ll know my victories and losses, even the great Waterloo that has consumed me over the past two years. My anniversary with Dana is Feb. 4th, and even though it’s not our anniversary anymore, I’ve spent lots of time thinking about how I’m going to celebrate that day. I do not want to celebrate the fact that we got away from each other. I want to celebrate the years we had each other, and how much joy she brought into my life during those years. It wouldn’t be me to focus on all my anger and hurt, but the joy of our relationship happening at all…. because who says our relationship wasn’t a success? Yes, there were terrible things, but there are terrible things in every relationship if you look hard enough. The fact that we have no contact now does not erase how I feel about her, and shouldn’t. Letting her go is sending her away in peace, and not boiling anger… because what’s the old saying? Being angry at someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die? Yeah, that’s it. The more I release the bad feelings I have about her, the more I am at peace with myself and ready to move into a new relationship down the road. It is making peace with her pieces.

I thank God for all the years our relationship was a success, and for delivering me from that amount of distress. The more I reach out to God to bless and release this relationship, the more I reach out to myself in terms of having and keeping peace. Plus, I learned a great lesson in my fights with Argo. I don’t want to burn this bridge to the ground, even though I probably already have. But there is such a thing as not making it worse.

There’s still no one here, which means the coffee I made is still sitting there, waiting for me. I’m going to reach out for another cup.

Happy Friday, everyone….. because you know that later, we’ll be celebrating “fuck this shit o’clock.”






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