Triple-Shot Iced Coffee

If you join SBUX rewards program, every 12th drink is free. So, this morning I go and ask if they have any cold brew, because I wanted to see how it compared to Stumptown. They said they didn’t have any ready, but if I got an iced coffee with two shots of espresso, I could get the taste of it. When my drink was ready, the barista said, “I put an extra shot in in for you.” I know she was trying to be sweet, but OH LORT. My officemate is in for it. But even then, that hasn’t been the best part of my day. The best part was when Dom was standing outside smoking and a Tesla pulled up in front of the house to Uber me downtown. He and I both freaked out. It was a MOMENT between gearheads. At first, I didn’t even realize what it was, but then I saw the large, LARGE computer screen in the dash and I knew. I went into a Tesla store in the mall once, and I said, “there’s no way on God’s green earth that I can afford this car, but I’m such a gearhead. Can I just sit in the ‘cockpit?'” They let me, and I decided I would never own one just because of that computer screen. It’s gigantic and distracting in all the wrong ways…. but damn cool.

I also got a text from Hayat last night that the furnace wasn’t working properly, and they should have it fixed by the time I get home. I am so excited. Getting out of bed won’t be so excruciating in the morning, and because I wake up early, it’s usually been about 20 degrees in my room. I was so cold coming back from work last night that I’m wearing skiing silks under my jeans, and two pairs of socks, one of which Dana’s mom got me for Christmas a few years ago and I have almost worn out, they’re so comfortable. I need to find an REI or something and get more pairs of huge woolies. Actually, Amazon might have a better price….. we’ll see. No matter what, I need new outer socks. I got lots of thin layer ones for Christmas, so they’ll work perfectly as liners. Plus, my Docs aren’t too big, but just right to add as many layers of socks as I need to make them comfortable in the winter. I have decided it may be time to part with my Adidas Gazelles and my Chuck Taylors, because there’s no tread on them anymore, and I’ve slid around in them enough. Now that I have both red and brown boots, I have shoes for every occasion.

My friend Scott is a Republican big shot and he’s coming to Washington in March, so perhaps I will show up early when I go pick him up so that I can get a professional shoe shine. I’ll take my cordovan polish just in case they don’t have any. It’s not used THAT often, but it will make my Docs “SHINE like the TOP of the CHRYSLER BUILDING!” If you got that reference, you should also know that when I was a small child, I wore my Annie wig everywhere. Perhaps that’s my root in terms of dying my hair red. 🙂

I don’t want to go to work today. It has nothing to do with work. I love what I do. It’s just cold and I would much rather be wrapped up in my blankets with my laptop than in my office. I may get that chance on Friday, because we’re supposed to wake up to A LOT of snow that day. It’s the first big storm of the season predicted, and I’m excited. I might get the chance to make a real snow angel, the first since we were dumped on in Portland. My favorite picture of that snowstorm is Dana putting chains on my Jeep. #myhero

I wonder what my favorite picture of this storm will be? Probably me with three hats stacked one on top of the other. My dad bought me an awesome coat, but I need a hat… although my baseball cap helps, especially when I’m wearing my headphones.

Speaking of my dad, he’s coming to DC in April to take pictures, and I can’t wait. It will be exactly one year since I moved, and we’re going to celebrate. I love it here so much, and in retrospect, again, I never should have left. I wouldn’t have missed my memories with Dana for the world, but at the same time, if we were meant to meet, we would have. I am hoping that this perpendicular path will one day ease into contact again, but perhaps that is hoping too much. We shall see what we shall see. In the meantime, I have great friends and a city that is dying to be explored. My next outing will be to the zoo, because I haven’t seen Bei-Bei, our new panda. I love the picture going around about the panda and racism- that he’s black, white, AND Asian. So cute.

There is a homeless man sitting on the floor next to me, drumming on his knees. I think it’s almost time to go. Besides, my coffee is almost gone. I wish there was a font that could express how jazzed I am.

Did I mention my officemate is in for it?


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