Wouldn’t it be cool if all the Subways in DC were called “Metro?” I just thought of that, because I am having breakfast at Subway this morning, and I highly recommend it. I got a ham, egg, and cheese flatbread with guac and salsa. It was delicous, and I don’t think I’ll be hungry again until Thursday. I don’t have to leave for work for another hour, so I hooked my iPad to my iPhone for Internet access and I’m nursing a Coke Zero and writing to you. By the time this post is finished, I may or may not have nursed several. Oh, wow. Surprised. I’m using the HTML editor in the WordPress app and they’ve finally started turning tags blue so you can see them pick them out easier. It’s the little things, people.

Yesterday was very frustrating at work. I had a lot of problems with my computer and I spent more time troubleshooting them than I wanted, and I had shit to do. Normally, I’m really good at that stuff, but I know nothing about fixing software when developer tools error out. It was a lesson in how to Google. What I learned is that it was a Windows 10 issue with no fix and by then my eyebrows were about to go over my forehead, anyway, so I just wanted to throw my computer against the wall.

I did not.

When I got home, I crawled into bed and watched House of Cards. I’m late to the party- I’m only on Season 1, episode 8 or something like that. So far, I like it, but I’m not as gaga over it as I was Covert Affairs. Kevin Spacey’s southern accent drives me up the wall. I like his regular voice just fine. I do like Zoey Barnes, though, blogger that she is. #gozoey

I’m also intrigued by the character that is obviously a Katherine Graham ripoff. I don’t know all their names yet- I’ll get it eventually.

I’m trying to get caught up on Scandal, too, because I stopped watching it when Dana and I broke up, because it was kind of our thing, and I didn’t want to watch it without her, even though I knew she wasn’t coming back. The last episode I saw is the one where Jake shot James, I think. I heard a spoiler that Jake died, and I cried like it was a real person, because even if you’re a casual reader of this web site, you know I’ve had my own Jake and Fitz for years now.

I’m divorced because they kept switching roles, and of that, I am sure.

I chose Leslie.

Speaking of choosing Leslie, it’s time to go get cleaned up. My hair is so all over the place that I kind of look like Harry Potter. My eyebrows are bushy and have silver in them, which I don’t hate, but they look better all cleaned up. My eyebrows tend to take over my whole face. It’s special.

I also want to get my nails done, but I regret it every time because it slows down my typing, so I think I’ll skip that in favor of keeping them very, very short. I like it when my nails are smooth and professional, but it means more to me that my fingers can fly over the keys.

And speaking of flying over the keys, I’m going to leave early for work and see if I can get some of the work knocked out that I couldn’t accomplish yesterday because of stupid Windows 10. I am starting to feel like an idiot in the computer support department, because I’ve been using linux so long that I’ve forgotten more Windows/DOS than I really needed to…. It’s fine. It really is. But I feel the same way about Windows that I feel about playing my horn. It bothers me that I’m not as good as I used to be. It made me feel good that the IT guy couldn’t figure it out, either.

Stupid Windows 10. At least I’m fed and somewhat awake. Coke Zero fixes everything.


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