Wading through the Amazon

I found out that Amazon Prime not only includes videos, but music as well with no commercials. I can find pretty much anything I want, and they have good playlists as well. Right now I’m listening to “Celloverse” by 2Cellos. Yesterday I listened to the soundtrack from “Hamilton.” Both are excellent.

I have mixed feelings about Alexander Hamilton. He accomplished so much in the US, but he was also basically a Loyalist, so there’s that. He probably wanted Washington to be King of the United States, and I wish I was joking. I have no idea what would have happened if we’d inherited the monarchy, but I do know that we can consider the Kennedys, the Bushes, and the Clintons royalty. If Hillary Clinton had won in 2008, you could be 25 years old and never had a president other than a Clinton or a Bush. Weird.

I wish that we could go back in time, where reaching across the aisle was a compliment instead of an attack. It would be better all the way around. Lyndon Johnson was famous for it. He didn’t get style points for upping the ante in the Viet Nam war, but he did for being a great legislator. Much better than Kennedy, anyway. I’m not knocking Kennedy’s legacy, just saying that it might have been different had he lived.

If both Garfield and Kennedy had lived, we would be so much further along in this racism bullshit, I assure you. By now, it might have even been a non-issue. Garfield was passionate about the rights of free blacks, and would have legislated to that effect.

The way I’m watching people hate each other scares me, but in DC, it is less of an issue than everywhere else, I think. DC is one of the few cities that truly has a black middle class. You don’t find that elsewhere in the country…. maybe Memphis.

It’s wading through the Amazon in our own country to get this problem solved. I can’t wait until it is. Racism rears its ugly head openly now, and perhaps that is the key to exorcising the demon. Polite racism is hard to detect and destroy.

Experiencing polite homophobia is the same raw deal. There are still judges that won’t accept gay people can raise children, and in some ways, I think they’re better parents because there are so few unwanted children in the gay community. I learned how much hard work it was to get pregnant, and I was not impressed.

The days of wishing Dana was my baby daddy are over, but remember…. BABY DADDY IS NOT A LEGAL RELATIONSHIP.

If it’s funny once, it’s funny a thousand times. That’s just how I roll.

Melissa, the foreign service officer I met on Tinder, is giving me some great lines. She accidentally asked for “balls of meat” instead of “meatballs” at a restaurant in Spanish. My only reply to that was “smooooooth.” I asked her what she said instead of “albondigas,” but she only replied “literally, balls of meat.” I can’t wait to see if she actually said “cojones de carne.” If she did, I will fall off my desk chair laughing.

I also told her my most embarrassing moment. I was preaching and when I finished, I fell off the stairs to the pulpit. It was fucking classic, and hard not to utter profanity as I was goin’ down. Angela the Red was with me, and I don’t think either of us will ever forget it.

It’s the kind of thing that would only happen to me. I was dressed in this ridiculous “Joyce Meyer” type outfit- red suit with a black and white shirt that made me look like a peppermint carnation in heels. Now when I preach, I wear comfortable clothes so I can keep my balance.

I have a palsy in my brain that affects my movement to a large degree, so if people don’t understand why I wear comfortable clothes to church, they’re just ignorant, not judgmental.

Think of me as Flynn White. Smart as a whip, but not so much with the moving around.

Just wading through the Amazon of my own mind, I guess.

Emotionally, I am sort of embarrassed about it, because people know there’s something off about me, but they don’t know what it is. Add the eye drift to it and I just look weird. Cute, but weird.

My tagline my entire life, I suppose. Right now it’s even worse because my hair won’t lay right and my CIA baseball cap is covered in fuzz and I couldn’t find my Rice baseball cap, so here I am at my desk with hair pointing everywhere, even after a hot shower and “Moco de Gorilla.”

I wonder what Melissa would think of that?

I’m gonna go check. Love you miss you mean it.


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