Blue Balls

Yesterday Scales and I met up early. We were going to just go for dinner, but we both had things we wanted to accomplish that day, so we did nothing together. It’s nice to have that friend again. With Aaron, I called it “running Aarons.” I don’t know what it’s called when Scales and I are together, except for complete and utter girl-giggling. We went to Cost Plus World Market because she wanted to pick out a Christmas gift- trying to buy early in case she really does have to move.

As an aside, I do not understand shopping except for, where a portion of my money goes to Doctors Without Borders. I don’t even try on shoes anymore.

While she checked out, I looked at the candy aisle, which for me is Christmas. I found Jelly Bellies in “draft beer.” I did not buy them, because I have enough candy to last me for a while. When I was at Dollar Tree, I found soda bottles in Dr Pepper and Orange/Grape Crush. I bought lots because it looked like overstock, and when that happens, you never know when you’re going to see that product again.

After we finished at the mall, Scales looked up a tattoo studio for me so I could go and get 2016-05-16-104656my earrings. Each month, I set a little money away to blow so I don’t feel poor, and this was it. I was buying these cheap studs that were starting to turn my ears green, and I was tired of it. So I asked for silver rings with red ball enclosures. As it turns out, the only color that they couldn’t anodize was red, so I settled for, you guessed it, blue balls.

At a lot of other studios, the balls are plastic beads, but at this shop, they wouldn’t do it. They don’t use plastic at all. The blue is not as dark as I would like, so perhaps I will go back to get a blue titanium ball enclosure to match the other four.

My punk hairdo also makes me look like a soldier, and the piercer said, “well, I don’tknow if you were looking for it, but you look great in your Air Force blue and silver.

Oh boy.

Air Force. Air Force?

At first, I was livid because the two soldiers I love the best are in the Army and the Marines…. or so I thought. And then I remembered what branch Ron was in, and I amended my statement quickly.

So, Air Force it is.

I need to go see if Duncan is out of the bathroom yet. I need a good fifteen or twenty minutes to wash my face and punk my hair. I can’t believe I spend money to look like I just rolled out of bed… but when I actually roll out of bed, the spot on my head where there’s no hair shows. It’s been there since I was a baby due to an EKG contact. So, looking like I just rolled out of bed is relative.

In other news, I feel 70% better today. After coffee or tea, that’ll probably add another 5%.

Because I have blue balls. I make this look good.


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