SBX On the Way

I’m sitting in a SBX near my work, because I decided to see if there was one with a drive-thru on my way. I found one, but I went in this time because I have half an hour before I need to be at the office. I can’t get much done in terms of writing, but just enough to last me until lunch. 🙂

Scales had to cancel for tonight, which made me a bit sad, but I’ll deal. I’ve just missed her and it’s hard to wait two more days. 🙂

Tomorrow, though, I’m going out with the aforementioned woman who wars with herself. She wants to meet somewhere that has craft alcohols. This is right up my alley (sarcasm). I mean, my palate in terms of alcohol is fairly refined having been a cook, but I don’t drink that much, so to say I know where to find craft beverages in Silver Spring is stretching my imagination. I thought about All Set, because even though they do not make their own craft beer, they do have craft on tap, a good wine list, and out of the way spirits. I also said that if she wasn’t interested, there’s a Dogfish Head in Gaithersburg. An IPA sounds great about now, but I’m not sure if she was talking about beer or not.

I am such a beer snob, especially after living in Portland, and I’ve been wanting to trek out to Dogfish Head since I saw it on the way to my friend Andrea’s… and then I got a car and completely forgot about it in the meantime. So we’ll see where we end up, but the last time I went to All Set, I had an amazing craft beer made with chilis that not only tasted delicious, it cleared my sinus passages and I slept like a baby.

I should have brought some shirts to drop off at the dry cleaner’s… #dumbassattack

I cannot say I am excited about said date. I really can’t. This is way more about getting me out of my comfort zone, but at the same time, I am not sure how much I’m ready to be dragged…. especially in terms of having enough chutzpah to drag myself. I am not counting out the fact that I might have a fabulous time, which is what is keeping me going. But if I talk honestly about my life, it’s fairly boring. I work, I come home and watch TV or read, and then I go to bed. Whoo boy. Party. I have turned into the proverbial cat lady without any cats… which is probably the most appealing thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I don’t spend money, I don’t talk to my cats as if they are my children (don’t get me started), and I can have a dog whenever I want if I’m willing to steal from Samantha and Dom.

But at the same time, the longer I spend with myself, the longer I want to spend time with myself… however healthy or not that might be. I’m a writer, so there’s no part of me that will always want to spend time with other people, but at the same time, there is such a thing as isolating too much. It’s like when I was thinking about moving to DC and thinking of living in NoVA, I said that my perfect girlfriend would live in MD. Far enough away that it wasn’t easy to get together every single day… I can deal with a few texts or phone calls a day, but I am not ready for that all-consuming cocoon that lesbians seem to want almost immediately.

But then again, I am not most lesbians.

And thank God for that.


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