This is my theme for today. I will be stumbling upon everything, because I am fried. I didn’t fall asleep until 0300 after writing last night’s post. Adrenaline and cortisol swirled in me to create wild-eyed rage, and all I could do was sit there. I didn’t want to accidentally unleash crazy spatter on anyone, so I played games and watched Hulu instead. And by accidentally, I mean that I didn’t want to enter into any conversation in which I got irrationally pissed off because I was angry about something else.

Been there, bought the t-shirt AND the baseball cap.

So as I sat there and zoned out, waiting for manageable calm, I did find a web show I liked called “Forever 31.” Look for the first episode after the jump.

OMG Iliza reminds me so much of Bryn it HURTS… not in terms of life experience. Literally, like in speech patterns.

And honestly, I was going to write more, but I found an interview with Iliza and I stopped everything and watched it. More later. 😛


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