This title is going to mean a whole lot of things. The literal interpretation is that my coat sleeves came apart at the velcro, the only thing that was keeping wind from blowing up my sleeves. I wasn’t able to get it as tight as I wanted, because the foldover made the velcro unstick. However, I was able to make it where the sleeve straps weren’t blowing in the wind, and I have several good leads on warm gloves. I don’t know if it’s supposed to snow soon, but I’ve gotten word through that it’s about to get a lot colder… 28º, to be in fact. As I have said before, I am not a big fan of that kind of cold when there is no payoff, like snow angels. Despite the fact that I do not have a trench, my jackets are doing fine by adding skiing silks under my dockers.

I also need a new pair of jeans, because they’re thicker and my old pair has a habit of coming unzipped. Perhaps a tailor could fix it for me, but going to Goodwill would be infinitely cheaper, and I might find a steal, like Lucky brand… my favorite because when I actually do find that special relationship, when you undress the denim on your fly has a patch that says, “Lucky You.” I take care of my jeans, so even if I don’t find that woman until Jesus decides it’s time to come home, I’m still golden.

I am so scared of this new life. I’ve been friending a lot of straight women who are only looking for female friends, because that’s about my speed. I want to tour DC like I’ve never been here before- even the places I’ve discovered a thousand times over. I want to recreate the picture Lindsay and I created at the Jefferson monument where it looks like we are literally holding up the towers. She arrives at the end of the month, and I am picking her up at BWI. She has a work dinner that night, so we’re still deciding if we want to hit up the Inner Harbor before we make our way to the hotel. She said I could stay with her, and I am looking forward to a few days in the lap of luxury. You mean they’re going to clean our room? Sold.

Plus, they will almost certainly have HBO, and I’ve discovered Bored to Death. Don’t read anything about it, just jump in. You won’t regret it.

And on that note, it’s time to head for choir and possibly some time with Matt, who gave me an incredible compliment… could you edit my book?

Ummm, yes. It’s the superglue that will make us stick.


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