The Slideshow

Everyone in my family contributed pictures for the slideshow that played during my mother’s visitation at Clayton Funeral home. My stepfather, Forbes, sent me a DVD, but I have a habit of losing them and this was too important not to back up to my own drives and the web. Even if you didn’t know my mother, I think you’ll enjoy it… especially if you want to see embarrassing pictures of me as a child.

The one thing I want to point out is that the background music is comprised of piano solos, but my mother is not the soloist. It’s kind of eerie how well her style is captured, though. It makes me wish I had more recordings of her, and perhaps my grandparents have some. My father’s father has a huge repository of family video and audio. In fact, I’m fairly certain that some of the pictures in this slideshow originally came from their house, because our parsonage burned down when I was 11, and it was “Nanny & Paw-Paw” that came to our rescue in terms of all the photos we lost.

My favorite pictures in the set are watching my mother prepare for me, her firstborn, and she never missed a chance to call me that to my face. I don’t think that parents actually have a favorite, but I do think I had a special place in her heart because I was the first to call her “Mom.”


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