Come at Me, Bro

It’s been reported that border patrol is now looking at Facebook for people with political views opposing their own. Come get me. I dare you. My Bible tells me that I am supposed to welcome the stranger in every possible way that I can, and that message is echoed from the Jews to the new church. I’m sure those border patrol agents don’t remember that Jesus would have been dead as a toddler if Mary and Joseph hadn’t been able to get into Egypt. That now he wouldn’t even be able to get into the US because despite popular belief, racial profiling would cut him off at the pass. What, he’s the only European-descent white guy in Israel/Palestine? #dumbassattack

If Paul needed to evacuate his mission after his conversion near Damascus, had it happened in present day, he’d be just as screwed as everyone else trying to get out of that dystopian shitshow of a country.

I’m impressed by all the hypocrisy around here these days. For someone who rails at the sky that no one believes he’s a Christian, Trump isn’t doing much to prove it. It takes a lot of gaslighting to get people to believe that you follow religious principles when you’re clearly suffering from delusions of grandeur. Religion, in its purest form, is the examination of the self… the realization that if there is a God, it’s not you. It’s meant to push your ego out of the way, and if there is anything that is NOT happening in the White House, it’s the submission of ego for the greater good of many.

Trump’s racism is unprecedented, because there are plenty of white terrorists running around already here. We’re not banning white people from coming here, I assure you. The difference is that there’s not as many immigrants from European countries because they aren’t under constant threat of having civillian neighborhoods bombed either out of spite or a missed target…. plus, all of the sudden, and I’m sure no one can figure out why, people in European countries seem to be really happy staying where they are.

Perhaps it’s that the US is getting more self-destructive by the day, and it’s not going to get any better until we have a president that understands what the job entails can form coherent thoughts and sentences. I’m not even sure that Trump can understand the words as they’re coming out of his mouth, and he’s not a detail-oriented policy wonk. Reading the headlines and using soundbites to form opinions seems to be enough… even with security briefings from people who are probably doubled over in pain trying to dumb it down enough for comprehension. Or maybe they just do what they do and give him a coloring book. Who knows?

I’ve long thought that there was a shadow government that really runs the country, and I can only hope that their main job right now is to keep Trump from running off the rails. But Trump seems to fire everyone who thinks about it, so public agents that disagree with him are gone. I can only hope that undercover agents still have their sanity intact. It is obvious to me that White House senior intelligence is now just an oxymoron. I think senior intel in the White House serves at the pleasure of the president, so once the transition team was out of there, we lost any modicum of sanity around a megalomaniac of a President.

Now that there’s starting to be a rebellion in the Republican Party, our hope has to be that it spreads. Maybe this will be the event where working across the aisle is restored after The Hammer destroyed it.

Not everything is a nail.


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