The Mary

It’s not, but it kind of feels like the universe is somewhat out to get me. First, I leave DSI on a Friday and my mother dies that weekend. A few months later, my grandmother dies and we’ve had warm weather until the ONE WEEKEND I need to get out of town. When I lost my mother, my father was unbelievable in his support of me, and I am gutted that I cannot return the favor in person. I’m always up for a phone call or a video chat, but right now I am in whiskey tango foxtrot irritation mode.

When I was living in Alexandria, my grandpa Max died, and I couldn’t make it to his funeral, either. I can’t believe it’s the same situation 16 years apart.

Two things kept me sane last week. My sister took me to dinner in Annapolis and I’d never been there before. It’s gorgeous, and I could totally see myself living there if it wasn’t so far from DC. I mean, it’s not terribly far, but the whole idea of living in DC is to be a part of the action. I want to be able to take off for the federal buildings on the Metro because parking is a nightmare…. on the other hand, there’s just so much damn eye candy at the Naval Academy (did I say that out loud?).

The second thing was dinner and a movie with Dan. We ate a ton of Thai food and went to see Get Out. I saw it by myself the first time, but had to see it again because OH MY JESUS IT IS FANTASTIC. It was nice to get hang time and a big hug from my buddy when I really needed it… and, of course, walking around Del Rey doesn’t suck. When I lived in Alex, it was on the other side, near 395 and Seminary (foreshadowing?). Not far from Old Town, but not walking distance, and the fun of Old Town and Del Rey is walking around and looking at stuff.

Technically, the most fun part of living in DC is walking around, anyway… stopping into shops and museums and seeing memorials all over the place. I remember the days fondly of joking with Argo about it, Dana & me flanking her on either side, the bitches on her arms she never asked for… and even though Argo is so gorgeous you’d dive naked off the Empire State Building singing The Star Spangled Banner all the way down if she asked (you only think I’m exaggerating), pretending I’m the cute one. Hey, it’s my daydream. In it, I get to be the Mary and she gets to be the Rhoda (Bonus points if you get the reference, and the prize is that you’re old).

Although in this case, I can’t help but remember a quote from one of my old coworkers at University of Houston, that beautiful is a dime a dozen, but cute is dangerous. I’ll take it.

In all likelihood, reality would be walking the shops with Argo’s superninja shopping powers and me holding all her shit. No, wait. Dana’s there. We’re holding all her shit…. because I also remember a time when Dana and I used to joke that I was the shopping superninja and she was the butch sitting in the Husband Chairs holding my purse.

I’m not really that much of a retail therapy kind of babe, but I do have a black belt in Goodwill.

This week the sustainment factor was joining an online book club for Outlander called In the Waterweeds, put on by That’s Normal. I’ve always watched it, but I’ve been a “long time listener, first time caller” sort, too shy to engage because sometimes I am too dumb to literature, at least on the spot. And during a live tweet session, by the time I have a coherent thought the conversation has moved on. But still, I enjoy Outlander so much. I haven’t really delved into it critically before, because my attitude has just been to relax and enjoy the ride… skipping over the parts where it’s a bit poorly edited just to live in that world for a few more pages. It is completely submersive, much like the world of Harry Potter.

Many, many people will disagree with me, but my favorite character is Roger MacKenzie, mostly because we share a passion for inclusive theology and both have monocular vision. It’s a tossup to me as to which is more important. 😛

I can’t wait to find a love like Jamie and Claire, but I had that passion that ignites the soul with Dana and lightning doesn’t often strike twice. I think that’s the reason it’s taking me so long to really wrap my brain around dating, preferring to stay home with men in my bed (my Postman Pat and Yakko Warner dolls 😛 ). I find it more comforting to stay single than to open up to the possibility of dating and it just not going well. Dating sucks. It’s like a series of job interviews, and I have trouble showing up for the people that know me, much less strangers. Netflix is starting to become a warm, close, personal friend.

Although at some point, I will have to get tired of hiding behind my blog, but that day is not today…. mostly because as of right now, snow is RAGING against my window. The bright side is that it’s deliciously fluffy flakes and not sleet, because sleet is of the devil.

I am wearing flannel pajamas and my Carleton Ravens sweatshirt, which I bought on a trip to Ottawa when Kathleen and I were on our “honeymoon,” such a disaster that we went to visit Meag & Deah because we weren’t having that great a time on our own. This sweatshirt is the best souvenir ever, because Canadians know how to do warm clothes. I used to have a Carleton baseball cap, too, but I can’t remember whether an old girlfriend commandeered it or whether it was just lost in a move. It’s no matter now. I rarely wear anything but my Rice cap, because practically my entire wardrobe is shades of blue.

I also have a really cute toque I bought at 7-Eleven, of all places, striped and adorable.

…because I’m the Mary.


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