Tying the Room Together

Lindsay picked me up around 7:00, and after introducing her to Sam, Mike, and the dogs, we headed to Cava. Cava is akin to Chipotle, but Mediterranean bowls, meats, and condiments. We ate healthy and then went to the pub for a drink. It’s all about balance.

Today we’re sailing out of Annapolis with her lobbyist at 5:00. I can’t wait. I really love the water and I haven’t been sailing in years. I also just really love Annapolis, period. I could take pictures all day.

But the title comes from news I got when I got home. I read on the Internet that if you are ordained in the Church of Dudeism, in some states you can perform weddings. I was ordained in 2012, but back then it was just a joke and my certificate says that I was ordained in 1969, almost a decade before I was born. So I got a new certificate with the right date on it and ordered a paper copy and a letter of good standing for my papers, business papers for the ins and outs and what have yous.

If Bryn’s county doesn’t recognize it, there are plenty of other places I can pick up ordination for the ordinary, because I’ve never met anyone who could finish all three years of seminary between now and the middle of August.

For now, the Dudeist priest abides.

Say what you will about Dudeism… at least it’s an ethos.


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