The Sitrep

Hannah is very sick. She went into the hospital with bronchitis,hannah_solo and was admitted to the PICU almost immediately. The doctors now think she has a bacterial infection in addition, so we’re all sending our best thoughts her way. If you have an extra minute, could you send her some love? I know she’ll get it. Love doesn’t even have to have a postmark…. it just wings its way there. Though she’s having a rough day today, her doctors are fantastic and her prognosis is that she’ll be out of PICU by Tuesday or so. But as every parent and worried aunt knows, outlook means nothing until it actually occurs.

She looks so tiny hooked up to all those machines, but having held her in my arms, I know she’s bigger than she seems and a total fighter. Hannah Solo, indeed. #lightsabernotincluded

I’m going about my day, but thinking about her. This has led to some very interesting events, such as accidentally putting cayenne in my oatmeal instead of pumpkin pie spice.

It’s hard to be away from my family when things like this happen, because thinking good thoughts and hoping for the best is literally all I can do from here. I just have to put my faith in both The Great Physician and in hers….. praying on the words, and the spaces in between.




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