We’ve Been Here Before

I absolutely, 100% believe I came up with a multimillion dollar franchise idea yesterday. It all came together in a flash, just picture after picture. I’m glad that I’m 45 now. I could not have done this ten years ago, and I’m not even sure I can do it now. However, it’s *such* a good idea that I can’t sit on it. I want to tell you all about it, but of course more people are reading this than just my friends. All I will tell you is that it starts off with one book… that publishers will KICK THEMSELVES IN THE ASS for not thinking of before I did.

I will say that it’s a spy novel, but there are a bazillion different kinds, so that doesn’t really give it away. What’s different about this time is that I asked my dad to help me write it. It was a very specific choice for one reason alone. I learned everything I know about writing from watching him craft sermons, Bibles studies, etc. He was the one person I could think of as a writing partner where it would be almost no trouble at all to meld styles, because brass tacks, we’re the same person.

The last piece of the puzzle is that I know Langley has a book/script/media review board to review what spies are writing to make sure they’re not giving away sources & methods, as well as helping people who have never worked for The Company and would like some help with jargon, etc. If I can figure out how to work with them, then that’s my next call. I don’t talk on the phone, really, but I would for this.

It’s passion, and as a Bipolar II patient who rarely goes into hypomania, I don’t feel it often. It’s nice to have something I’m excited about because I don’t have to write a book, I want to.

I’ve also asked my friend Heather to check in on me every once in a while and see how I’m doing, just to be accountable to someone. She’s not my editor, but she IS an editor for textbooks and standardized tests in higher mathematics, so she knows what it’s like.

Heather is a new friend who I hope one day will be my old friend. Her brain is the second sexiest I’ve come across, but she’s not in second place. It’s love all, nil/nil, etc. Additionally, we are so much alike that we can’t shut up, and contain enough multitudes that we are also completely different. I mean, in what UNIVERSE am I good at math? If there is one, I wouldn’t know how to find it, but Heather would. Maybe I should ask?

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