Whenever I start a new blog, this is always the first title. That is because an exordium is a beginning, a fancy word for an often frightening concept. It may take me a little minute to get into the regular schedule of posts to which you’ve all become accustomed. I’m coming back to writing slowly, after my previous blog, Clever Title Goes Here, was finally taken down as it limped under the weight of bad writing and filler articles because I didn’t have the courage to write the truth anymore.

People FLOCKED to CTGH because in the beginning, I would just spill my guts emotionally and everything was out there for everyone to see… including when I would make horrendous mistakes. We could laugh together, connect, and generally share the pain (and elation) that comes with being alive. 

By the time Clever Title tanked (at my initiative), it was a shadow of itself. People got butt hurt about some of the things that I wrote, without ever realizing that those were my stories, not theirs. And as that happened, I became so careful about what I would say that I didn’t say anything.

In this blog, I’d really like to shatter the fear that made me run a past popular blog into the ground, so angrily that I didn’t even save the posts that were already there. I lost stories about my first “wedding,” in quotes not because I was marrying a woman, but because the story itself is such a wild farce. I lost stories about life and love, riches and poverty. The messiness of life and my attempts to clean it up.

There is no way to say this delicately, so here it is:

These are my stories. They belong to me. If you see something that you don’t like, read it several times before contacting me, because you might find if you look closely enough that my stories are often (if not always) about the life lessons I learned from my interactions with you. You are not responsible for how I respond. And read closely~ more than likely, if our interaction was negative, I will talk about all the things I did wrong. I am taking back my power. I am not a victim, but I’m not coming after you, either.

I can’t say it enough: these are my stories, and life is messy. So is my writing. Enjoy.


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