10 of My Secrets (meme)

I originally took on this meme from another blogger in October of 2007. I’m going to re-do it, but also leave the old answers in place. The old answers are in italics.

  1. Who were your last 3 texts from?
    1. Not a whole lot of people text me these days, so the answer is boring. They’re all from Dana.
    2. I’m still just as boring.
      1. Cool if I come over and take a shower? (Matt, after work as a landscaper)
      2. On the way shortly, loved your message 🙂 (Matt, after leaving him a message that Dana and I were lonely because it was getting too lesbian in here)
      3. We’re crossing the Ross Island Bridge if you want to come on down. (Matt and Wayne, his dad, picking me up for choir practice because Dana is a lazy bum and she knows it.)
  2. Where was your default picture taken?
    1. On Facebook, it was taken in John & Tony’s living room- it’s a picture of me kissing Tym goodnight. She’s my favorite Canadian.
    2. My profile picture is a crop of a picture that was originally Jill, Lindsay, and me. However, I thought it best if girls prettier than me did not share my profile picture space. THAT IS MINE! The picture itself was taken at Trinity Episcopal Church in Houston. I think it was some sort of 70s dance.
  3. What’s your middle name
    1. Diane
    2. My middle name, on my birth certificate, is Diane. It’s a gorgeous name but I don’t think it fits me. I want to change it to “Doctor.” That way, I can still be “Leslie D. Lanagan” but I have a TIME LORD MIDDLE NAME! (Speaking of which, I want the Name of the Doctor to be something hilarious, like Gerald.) AND I CAN REPLACE THE D WITH A TARDIS!
  4. Does your crush like you back?
    1. Yes (blush)
    2. I’m married now. I don’t have to blush. Dana is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
  5. What is your current mood?
    1. I’ve got that brain race thing goin’ on. Life is chaotic right now, and I could use a nice cup of tea and a sit down.
    2. I am intently reading over my old blog entries and instead of importing them ALL into “Stories,” just picking out a few that I think are well-written and stand out from the noise.
  6. What’s your computer like?
    1. It’s a PC laptop. It does everything I need it to do and more. If I figure out how to get my wireless network card to work in Linux, this thing could help me take over the world.
    2. It’s a different PC laptop, but I still can’t get linux to run perfectly on it. For some reason, it will install, but it won’t boot. I’ll have to take a look at the partition tables and it could take a while, so for now, I’m just using Windows until I have more time. However, I do have linux running inside Windows because now my computer is at least THAT fast.
  7. What color shirt are you wearing?
    1. Cream-colored sweater with blue stripes, dark blue oxford.
    2. Silver Tab jeans with a Dunkin’ Donuts t-shirt that shows off my… neck.
  8. Are you horny?
    1. This is one of those questions that’s really fun when someone else answers it.
    2. Truth time: not a lot. Enough, but not a lot. Depression Medication is MAGIC! It can reduce you to “whiskey dick” in a single dose!!!!!
  9. If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
    1. They say that the past makes you who you are, but there are certainly things I would do differently- mostly to avoid hurting other people and to get a better world view earlier so I didn’t spend so much of my 20’s thinking that the things other people did were all about me… or perhaps a better phrase is “being so insecure in my 20s that I couldn’t go five minutes without taking the emotional temperature of a relationship.”
    2. Absolutely. I would have given up the charade a lot sooner with Dana and just told her how I felt. But how I felt wasn’t clear enough to base it on a marriage. We were really good friends, but I didn’t know if it could be more than that. But I wasted a lot of time in Houston dating women that were amazing and wonderful that ultimately did not fit me as well as Dana did, and it’s an interesting experiment to think what would have happened if *she* had moved to Houston with *me.* She would never have forgiven me for June, July, and August, but sitting by my parents’ pool with a margarita wouldn’t have sucked, either. At the time, Dana was also still married, and I couldn’t in good conscience cross that line, either. So it’s a moot point, but if I could do my life over, I would have moved back to Texas and taken Dana with me. Then we would have stayed there until we couldn’t stand it any longer, and then six months later we would have moved back. I know how that story ends: “MY BODY IS NOT SUPPOSED TO MELT WHEN WE’RE OUTSIDE, IS IT?”
  10. Do you speak any other language?
    1. Hablo muy poquito espanol, pero no practico mucho.
    2. Francais c’nest pas comfortable pour moi.


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