Maybe I Should Have Put Gum in Her Hair

So, there’s this woman at our church that is totally hot, and I am shameless, so of course I went right up to her and told her that Dana and I had discussed it and she was really, oh, I don’t remember the adjective I used but it was something along the lines of gorgeous. I’ll just say that she has short, short grey hair and piercing indigo eyes (RIGHT?). We have a friend in Virginia named Karen that looks a lot like her, and we don’t know her actual name, so we just call her “NotKaren.”

Cut to two weeks later, when we’re in the new members class at our church, and this woman is in it.

Of course she is.

She went to Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley.

Of course she did.

She’s studied with some of the best theological minds in the country.

Of course she has.

She’s a second soprano and loves killer rep.

Of course she does.

So I am looking over at Dana and we are giggling so hard at me. Dana is laughing because she knows my “type” and cannot help but make fun of me like she’s a ten-year-old at recess egging me on. Additionally, instead of being mad at me, it is much more amusing to Dana to give me more than enough rope to hang myself in front of girls I like. She knows who I’m coming home with, especially after she does her part. :P~~~~

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