My Roots

Here is the list of pictures that go with these comments. Tile the pictures and my comments on your desktop for easy reading.

  1. The summer camp I went to was church related, and even when there were uniforms, it was generally a t-shirt with a pair of your own shorts or pants.
  2. Yes, but only if you are actually sitting in front of a campfire. The smoke is part of the charm of the moment.
  3. Ditto
  4. Oh my Jesus. Guilty.
  5. Still guilty.
  6. I mostly went to choir camp. I think that explains why I’ve never had this fantasy. Choir nerds find other ways to torture each other.
  7. Stretching it a bit, are we?
  8. I had one when I was a kid, Dana still has hers. However, it is not at the foot of our bed.
  9. When I read this one, I laughed so loud Dana complained and I scared the dog.
  10. No, I still fantasize about Lea Thompson and Kate Capshaw in Space Camp. Fuck Tate Donovan.
  11. I have no idea what this is.
  12. Of course. Are you crazy?
  13. Probably except for the ones that do it to me.
  14. This was a thing, maybe still is, but I wasn’t into it.
  15. Hemp.
  16. No, my idea of a romantic date is anything that ends in having sex with women, which just gets better as I age.
  17. If the date goes really well, I’m obnoxious about my cooking skills in the morning, even after seven years.
  18. Lifeguards weren’t my first crush, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t lifeguards along the way.
  19. Yes. The first night is whether you decide what’s going to happen on the rest of them.
  20. This is the dirtiest joke of them all, and I started doing the Rigby and Mordecai “OHHHHHHH!”


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