When one of my friends writes to me, she always uses these long ellipses…………. When she does it, it makes her writing voice sound like William Shatner. I am…… pleased. I was even more pleased when I realized that the long ellipses were the story, not the pause…..

To that end, I started a hashtag on Facebook called #prayingonthespaces, and I’m trying to get it to go viral, because this is a bigger idea than a one on one conversation. In my prayer life, I see the words, but God sees the spaces…. the parts that aren’t filled yet. The things that need my love and attention because they’re not getting it already because my responsibility is in the wrong place. Part of being an abused child is learning to take responsibility for things that aren’t your fault. Part of being a healthy adult is putting responsibility back where it’s supposed to be, which is not a one-time endeavor. It’s a lifelong process. I feel that when I go to God in prayer, there’s not much I really have to say except a variation on Anne Lamott’s three prayers:




Where am I going………………………………………….?


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