Am I Qualified to Serve Communion or what?

Here is my Facebook Status Update from a few minutes ago:

Welcome to Memorial Wine Cellar, where I just came up with the slogan “Every night is Episcopalian night.” Episcopalians, that is a not-so-inside joke. 🙂

The reason every night is Episcopalian night is that I was just confirmed at Epiphany, and just offered a job here. I am starting out as a server, and will be entering Somm Level I training on the side.

In order to lead, first you have to serve. Come by the wine cellar when you can, and for those interested, the owner said that I can have the private room for an hour a week for my Bible study. I don’t know when my days off are, so the time is TBA. Keep watching, because I’ll announce it soon.

Big tips are appreciated, because you have no idea how large a vision you’re funding WITH letting me serve you wine.

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