In music, when you have a measure that’s tripping you up rhythmically, you turn on the metronome and play it 20 or 30 times in a row… a technique long called “woodshedding” for its “take it out back and kick the shit out of it” approach. I am finding that I have the same response to practicing my trumpet as I do to reading Scripture. Playing a measure 20 or 30 times to get it right is quite similar to the process of reading every scripture in every translation before I add my own thoughts to it. First, I have to know the rules to break them. Second, I do not have any letters after my name, so I have to do eighty times more reading to seem half as learned (and might I say, I am giving myself a ton of credit here by saying half). I want to get it right because I want my academic reputation to be admirable. I try not to preach into fiction, but to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Let me tell you, the view is incredible.

My world changed when I accepted my ability with words. I accepted that I couldn’t do a lot of things, but I could do this….. and to a degree that my small-minded approach to life blew apart with my agreement. An angel walked into the room and started talking to me, and I got confused before I even knew what was being asked of me, and I ran toward the plan for my greatness and the miracle of it all was giving birth with Mary this year, because until this Advent, I’d been hiding a light that had long been forgotten, which is my ability to funnel Christ’s light toward you at an incredible rate of speed…. almost a hundred words a minute, actually. I’ve been thinking liturgically since I was born. This year, I stepped up and wrote something for which I could truly be proud, and will continue to use in my ministry at large.

Writing gives me the ability to bring the light of Christ shown to me to the entire world at once, and I hope it shows on this blog. I hope that my beauty is found in my flaws because it’s the completeness of who I am….. just as The Bible is the completeness of Jesus.

I often wonder what would happen if Jesus and I could read the Bible together. If I include Jesus in the realm of people that sit with me while I write, I know he’s reading my book right now.

What would he find in yours?

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