My Brilliant Mind

Truth time. Thomas Lauderdale once bought fizzy water from me at Laurelwood pub. He was running for a flight, and so he just paid at the register. I said, “Does anyone ever tell you that you look like Thomas Lauderdale?” He just gave me this kind of pained expression and I said quietly, “oh my God! It’s you!” He winked and left.

FB post re: Thomas Lauderdale and possible run for mayor of Portland, Oregon

For this tweet, I was favorited and retweeted (because FB posts can do that now) by both “Best of Portland” and “Today in Portland.” Let’s not tell them I’m not there, shall we? It did not happen today. I worked at Laurelwood E Terminal what seemed like a million years ago. In some ways, I wish I was still there. Both Dana and I got to meet a crapload of famous people and hear about the others….. there being two Laurelwoods and two terminals, we competed. All in all, let’s see… there was Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe from Grimm), Lauren Potter (Becky from Glee), Garth Brooks, and Silas Weir Mitchell again, because I made Dana go up to him and say, “my wife hits me every time she sees your car.” In the show, he drives a yellow bug (yes, I also punch her during Once Upon a Time). I got a laugh from Monroe. Beat that with a stick.

I am sure that Dana can remember more than I can. I was the prep cook, so most of my work entailed standing in the back of the kitchen and making grab-n-go sandwiches for the cold case out front. I had my own little niche back there, complete with radio. I was known for being the only one in the kitchen that listened to NPR, especially on Saturday mornings. About a month after that, I had my first Christ moment in a restaurant.

We had a mother and daughter team that worked brunch/lunch with us, totally enmeshed like besties and very cute to be near. One day, the daughter came up to me and said that her mother was lamenting on some far away earthquake. The daughter exclaimed “where did you hear THAT?” The mother said, “oh, Leslie has NPR on in the back all day.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “thank you for educating my mother.” I had to excuse myself to the restroom as my allergies were acting up terribly. Tears all over the place. Damn redness.

Pretty sure I walked into a wall on the way out, but that’s how my mind works. Power, grace, and style.

3 thoughts on “My Brilliant Mind

  1. Mathew Fox
    Jerry Rice
    LaMarcus Aldridge (yes he is really tall)
    I did see but not meet:
    Bitsie Tulloch (Grimm cast)
    David Giuntolli (The Grimm)
    Fred Armisen


  2. No, no. Not Matthew Fox. Scott Foley. How in the hell would I pick the guy from Party of Five over Jake Motherfuckin’ Ballard (pretty sure that’s his middle name)? Plus, anyone who picks Jennifer Love Hewitt over Neve Campbell kind of makes me doubt their sanity, FYI.


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