A Little Light

Having a pen pal is seriously cutting into my blogging time. You’ll just have to deal. As I have said before, our relationship requires trust, so I don’t feel good about discussing us in public, if that makes any sense at all. Most of the time, I have no issue with talking about my friends on my web site. But we do not have that kind of relationship. In order to create long-term relationship with pen pals, they have to feel like they’re a stranger on a train. Doing anything to jeopardize that would put me at risk for a whole host of maladies, mostly because she’s bigger than me and not afraid to use it.

And just to apologize for saying she’s bigger than me, which I mean in terms of sheer muscle mass, I will also say that for a straight girl, she’s pretty hot. For a straight girl. I mean, not everyone is perfect. :P~~~~~~

She is making me a better me, one letter at a time. Wait for it. Savor the spaces in between the blog entries, because you’re going to see changes that I never thought possible in this lifetime…. and that is what I am trying so hard to create. A lifetime of friendship, which as you all know, is so difficult to achieve….. however, not so much for us.

We write letters. Letters can happen at any time of day or night, so there’s no time constraint on either one of us. And whether the letters are three sentences or three pages, they MATTER to me. The words, the spaces, the silences where we think and regroup, the conversations where we redirect into something even more fantastic than what we had the week before. It all matters.

Because we have never met physically, my other friends call her The Doctor. I can’t think of a more perfect image of all of who she is. She watches over me from her house, and I watch over her from mine…… the blessing is that our journey was turning me from Amelia into Amy.


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