I Get Letters Now. Letters Are Cool.

What a great pleasure it was to wake up to this e-mail today. I haven’t had a bigger smile in weeks. It’s cool he thought I was male; there’s no picture associated in your MWEJobs profile and I don’t care what gender people think I am, anyway. He can think I’m a purple people eater if that’s what gets me the job. What surprised me the most was how thoughtful and personalized this e-mail was. Not a recruiter, not a form letter. Impressive…. Touching, even. I’ve gotten so many spam form letters on Monster.com that I really didn’t expect anything like this, even with a government web site.

I’m not usually speechless, but I’ve stared at this e-mail for the past ten minutes without saying anything.

Dear Mr. Lanagan,

I noticed your resume in the MWEJobs database. You appear to be a very versatile and articulate person with strong computer skills. We are a 20+ person Landover-based company that owns, licenses and supports an enterprise software application. We work with uber-large databases with billions of transactions. We have software developers, database administrators, and IT/Support people and we have a few openings.

I notice you seem to prefer Linux operating systems and open source software. In our case we’re primarily a Microsoft shop; not so much by preference but because of the types of clients we support.

What type of position are you looking for? Perhaps there may be a fit for you. Let me know.


Name Redacted
Company Redacted


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