Occasionally I watch a children’s show built on two levels so that I enjoy it very much. It’s on PBS, and it’s called WordGirl. Her superpower is that she can define any word, and she is an alien from a planet called “Lexicon.” Her parents found her (not sure at what age) and she lives a double life as “Becky Botsford,” and for some inane reason, when she “Words Up” (code for putting on her super suit) her parents still interact with her, but they do not recognize her, even though her face looks exactly the same. I think it’s a throwback joke to Lois Lane, who for some reason never recognized Superman when he took off his glasses.

Dana (my ex-partner [we broke up in February]) and I both love the show, but the funniest story is that while we were watching, I was high as a kite on some kind of medication and she was talking about WordGirl’s superpower and I said, “Dana, she can fuckin’ fly…………” She can also pick up any object, no matter how heavy it is, and hurl it without breaking a sweat.

In between episodes, there’s a game show called “May I Have a Word,” hosted by a guy named “Beau Handsome.” It’s hilarious as well, and Chris Parnell as the narrator sometimes makes me laugh so hard my drinks come out of my nose (as of this writing, I am drinking Cheerwine). I feel like this show is just built for writers, because it is so smart. If you’re a writer, I’m going to bet you’ll love it as well. My favorite character is Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, a whiny New York Jew with a sandwich for a head voiced by Fred Stoller. I don’t think he’s the best villain, but I do think he’s the funniest character. If you get a chance, check out the episode called “Chuck E Sneeze.” It’s so funny I don’t even want to reveal the plot.

Anyway, I think my superpower is close to WordGirl’s, just in the world of geekery. I have done many different things computer-wise, so I have a very well-rounded education when it comes to using them. I have an interview with the company I mentioned in my last entry, and it’s for a beginning database analyst position. I thought I would be interviewing for a customer service job, but I would give anything not to have to say, “may I help you,” so perhaps this is a good thing. I’ve done DBA before, so I know how to read and write SQL (structured query language, pronounced “sequel” for those not in the know). It basically involves designing ways to store data by relating tables. If you’ve ever used Microsoft Access, you know what I’m talking about. You know, like having customer data in one database and being able to match it up with what they bought in another. SQL is just a way to do this with a text editor instead of dragging and dropping relationships, for which Access is famous.

If I get the job, I’ll have a lot of built-in reading time, because I’m fairly far out on the red line and the job is on the orange, changing trains at Metro Center. I’m always in the middle of at least six books, so this seems attractive.

It’s been a few hours since I started this entry- I had to take a break from writing to go to therapy. My homework for this week is “planning pleasant activities.” I thought it was a really funny title for an assignment, but I already have plenty. Tomorrow I’m having coffee with Rev. Susannah to talk about the youth group after my job interview, and then choir practice that night. It’s going to be a very busy day, and today was fairly occupied as well. I went to the church and practiced all my choir music… although I’m not sure it did much good. There was no metronome, and I am not that great with rhythms, especially without the constant ticking. To tell the absolute truth, I stopped at the church because I had to go to the bathroom, and in order to get in, I told the office I was there to practice. Peeing and singing. Two great things that go great together… or not.

I also walked to and from therapy, which made me feel amazing because it had to have been two miles altogether. When my endorphins are up, it abates the depression quickly. I’ll have to remember that. I do, and then get in the habit of walking, and then like all habits, I forget them after a couple of weeks. Today reminded me how important getting exercise is for a mental patient, because the body/mind connection is no joke. I am proud of myself, because it’s been cold lately and I was dressed for it… and then found out after I left the house that it was 78 degrees and walked anyway. I  figured it was more of a workout that way.

Speaking of pleasant things, I am invited for coffee tonight with friends, but I just can’t do it. I’m already tired and I need to be in bed early to get to the Metro on time for my DBA Analyst job interview.

Nerrrrrrrrrrrd UP!




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