On my way home after an hour at work because I need to go to the passport office in DC. I’ve already filled out the documents that State needs to process my app, and in order to get paid, I need the receipt of a passport app by the 8th. It’s inconvenient, but not as impossible as I thought previously. Plus, I’ll get a new passport photo and I’m feeling particularly cute today.

That’s because yesterday turned out to be fabulous even though I was mired in memories of years past. #nailedit in terms of working hard and singing for joy. Ingrid wasn’t there, but it was ok. The music was.

I feel like a baller sitting the back of the car typing away on my Bluetooth keyboard. I could get used to this.

My birthday mesage this year was singing instead of writing. It turned out awful because I was laughing and singing at the same time. I still sent it because no matter what, my accompanist deserved recognition. šŸ˜› Sam is the best. I love her. And not Sam from home. Sam from church. I have two.

It’s awesome to feel awesome again. I love me. I’m such a riot when I want to be.

It gets better. It does. I wasn’t all that sure before, but I believe it now. Looking back over my old entries and seeing how sick I was and how far I’ve come pleases me.

I love DC. “State-“ing it for the record.



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