It’s Only Lunch

It’s only lunch and I have already had a full day. First it was taking the wrong train and having Uber bail me out. I got here on time, but it was still stressful. I’d had a dumbass attack at Metro station and gotten on the silver line by mistake (I’m on the orange). Then it was the admin office saying they couldn’t take copies of my documents, I had to have originals. Honey badger don’t care my wallet was stolen. Rightfully so, but a pain in the ass. I don’t know what to do except get a passport rushed to me. So far, the only quote I’ve gotten on that is $350.00. #fml

I’ve downloaded all my coding apps, but I don’t know why since the only one I really use is Notepad ++. It color codes to separate code from content and makes my whole life a lot easier. There are also a lot of plugins that help, like Tidy. If you haven’t heard of Tidy, you haven’t coded a web site. we all use it. It’s a thing.

Now I can’t find where to reinstall Office, and everybody is gone. I do have access to the web apps, though, which are surprisingly robust. Still, though. Just annoyed that I can’t find it on my own. When I go to the regular Microsoft download, it says I can’t add that version to my account. So I’m waiting for everyone to get back so I can get started on this e-mail checker thingme. I just need to validate, oh, like 7,000 e-mail addresses to make sure they’re receiving from us and/or spelled correctly. It’s amazing how many gamails there are mixed in.

Not surprisingly, there’s a large bounce rate on aol addresses… I mean, who the hell has an aol account anymore?

Old people.

The last time I had an AOL address, I had just gotten my braces off.

I have a love/hate relationship while the office is empty for lunch. I’m free to do what I want, because it’s my lunch hour, too, and I’d rather blog than go out. I also hate that there’s no one to ask questions which I invariably have because it’s only my second day. I’m still walking into the wrong office thinking it’s mine at least twice a day.

Looking forward to choir practice tonight. Stress relief in a major way. Ingrid makes everything better.

No, seriously.

She makes me laugh and vice versa. I just miss the fact that no one knows what a Wayne-approved hymn is. Bridgeport choir is something I’ll miss for the rest of my life. It was fun while it lasted, and I remember it all the time, especially while singing the same music on the opposite end of the country.

I really miss preaching, too. I got a lot of good feedback and I loved being in front of the crowd, especially one that is involved in active listening to the point that they remembered my sermons better than I did when I didn’t manuscript first.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said of preaching that if you have something important to say, write it down. I should have, because now I can’t remember what I said when other people sure do. 😉 Preaching without a manuscript is so much fun, but not necessarily my style because afterward there’s always a lot of things I wish I’d said and forgot. But preaching without a manuscript is in some ways, a lot easier when you’re speaking along and realize you’ve accidentally flipped two pages at once and not noticed.

But they have.

Chuck always said that my unmanuscripted sermons were the best ones. I wish I could tell you what they were.

Bah dum pum…………………. Jesus!



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