Soy Oprah Chai

That’s my SBUX order this morning as I make my way through writing and getting on the Metro. My alarm is set for 7:45, so this may be short unless I get inspiration and need to keep writing on the train. Right now, I have no inspiration and yet, I am writing anyway, about anything. I have to keep going, because stopping just creates more silence as I plan out what to say and don’t actually put it to paper. Well, not paper, but you get the gist. The last time I wrote a letter, it was to my precious Argo, and I had to take LOTS of ibuprofen afterward because my hand hurt so bad. Not a fan. I probably need carpal tunnel surgery, but no time. Maybe next year. We’ll see. Right now, I am just busy beyond belief between work, choir, and youth group. It’s only going to get busier until after the first of the year.

The only thing I really hate is that choir lasts until the exact moment I need to go to sleep, and the temptation is not to show up. But I do. Showing up in all things is my new mantra. They need me, and I need them…… desperately. It’s my one social outing during the week. I can’t remember anyone’s name except Ingrid, but that’s okay. It will come with time. Now is where I just get nervous because everyone knows me, but I don’t know them, and it’s a pain in the ass to ask them their name because shouldn’t I know it by now? Not so much.

I can remember their faces and what they wear and how they smell if they wear loud perfume, but the names just don’t come to me. That’s new. I used to be able to remember everyone’s name. Now, I’m just lost. I got up in front of the congregation when I first joined, and I got a huge laugh, so people tend to remember me. But I have to remember there’s only one of me and at least 200 of them. On a really high attendance day, there’s over 300.

Matt and Mark didn’t preach last week, and it was surprising how much I missed talking to them about their sermons. It makes me feel good to be “one of the club.” Matt knows that my attendance is only until I get a church of my own, and he’s doing everything he can to help me achieve that goal. It’s amazing to have someone in my corner rooting for me…. a pro that knows what he’s doing sees the fire in my belly and wants to help me do something about it. There’s nothing on earth that I want more. Preaching in a real, live brick church is just as important to me as the clicks I get online. I’ve gotten several Indian followers on Facebook this week, and it makes me happy that my ideas translate across the world.

I told Mark that my goal was to get picked up by TextWeek when I get the gumption to preach every week. I call it The Lanagan Lectionary, because I try to publish before Sunday morning, therefore, I am easily Google-able for preachers in a pinch. I am certain that I have preached in congregations all over the world from people who have cribbed me. I’m not bothered about that. Steal all you want. All preaching steals from others’ ideas. If you hit the ball out of the park, no one asks about the brand of the ball.

Preaching online is interesting because I have a repository of ideas that I can reuse, plagiarizing from myself. I want to major in Advent and minor in Lent (that was a joke). Doing pretty well with Advent this year, even though it starts with apocalyptic text and dials down through the period. They are the hardest to relate to people and I trip on what to say about them. It’s easier to skip them and focus on the Gospel. The red letters are the easist.

I feel like I really understand where Jesus is coming from, because we are so alike in personality. He has to be solitary to be an amazing preacher. He wants children to be a much a part of the vision as adults. In short, he is one cool dude. Hipster Jesus is my favorite Jesus. He’s just so Portland it hurts.

Speaking of which, I saw a hipster Santa picture that made me laugh. It said, “I only deliver organic coal.”

I forgot to wear my Portand Timbers jersey today. They won the MLS cup and I am so proud and hurting that I’m not there to celebrate. I never got to sit with The Timbers Army at a game, and it’s a life goal. However, going to Portland is not. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. It’s got a bridge on it rather than a bird.

I would rather spend my money on the friends from Portland that can’t afford a trip to DC. One of these days, I’m going to get Volfe and Bryn out here for fun and “shelanagans” (see what I did there?). It’s another life goal to walk arm-in-arm with Bryn on The Mall.

And on that note, I have to run for the train. Love you miss you mean it. Have a good day at work! I will.

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