Boston Cream Pie Donut

It’s Donut Day at work, and I was lucky enough to get my favorite. I’m having a good day, jazzed on caffeine because I just could not sleep last night. I’m sure it had something to do with all the coffee I drank yesterday morning, and I didn’t take a sleeping pill when I got home. Therefore, I listened to podcasts, watched Nurse Jackie, and played a ton of Zynga games. I should have gone with the sleeping pill, but by the time I realized I’d forgotten it, it was way too late. I would have dragged ass so bad that I could barely dress myself.

Eventually the caffeine high will wear off, and I will crash. Hard. Not looking forward to that part, but it’s part of paying the price. At least I will be tired enough to sleep well tonight. I still don’t know whether we’re working from home tomorrow, because we keep getting conflicting reports about when the storm is supposed to blow in…. between overnight and 1300 tomorrow. So incredibly helpful. I sometimes think phone psychics have more intuition than meteorologists.

Listening to lots of pop and rock today to keep me awake. Lots of guilty pleasures, like MMMBop by Hanson (shut it). It came out the first summer I visited Portland, and I can remember cruising with Diane out the Gorge and it coming on the radio. I’d just finished my freshman year of college, and PDX is gorgeous in the summer. It was the perfect soundtrack for that time in my life, and poignant- “you have so many relationships in this life, and only one or two will last.”

Prophetic, really.

Who knew?



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